Monday Motivation

Updated: Mar 6

Who hates a Monday?? The lovely relaxing, two days of sanity have disappeared in to the weekend oblivion and now its the start of another week, dragging yourself up in the dark to drive to work only to sit thinking about what your going to have for lunch....

We all don't get to do something we love everyday, but you should. Find your niche and grab it with both hands even if it means jumping out of your comfort zone. I know I'm way out of mine sometimes, I wonder what I'm doing some days and find myself going around in circles chasing my own tail.

So I try to tell myself everyday why I started this journey, because I love being able to create something for someone. I can't really express in words why taking a photograph can bring so many emotions for me. Finding that amazing shot that you know is going to be hanging on a wall is the best feeling ever. That's what makes me carry on.

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