How to make a day disappear.....!

Updated: Mar 6

Start by spending most of it trying to create a beautiful easy to use website and that's 12 hours that's buggered off you will never see again...but it is all for the greater good so I shouldn't complain. Though if I could pay myself for all the hours spent making it I wouldn't need to work for at least two months! Hey Ho.

I can no longer see straight its dark outside and as I sit here is it now 5.30pm, I've been at the dining room table since 11am and only got up to pee and make tea. I should really try and find something delicious in the fridge to cook but it may well have to be Monday night fish and chips - yummmmm

Whilst I write this the dog is sat looking mournfully up at me, with that look to say "come on woman I'm hungry". Can I really tear myself away as I'm finally on a roll.....??

#workaholic #getalife #reallyneedtomove #nowimhungry #businessgoals

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