Lockdown Limbo

I started this year full of hope and excitement starting up a new business, spending so much time and effort with my new website and rebranding, marketing and trying to get my name out there. 2019 was a long difficult year for me and my family, and we had just got back on our feet, who'd have thought this year would go to rat shit so quickly....

Two months into lockdown and I haven't blogged since the beginning of March, my attention turned to carrying on with our house renovations instead seeing as I couldn't do anything with my new home studio or even go out to visit clients. It's been hard on everyone in every sector and mentally draining wondering what the hell is going to happen.

Our wonderful NHS, all the shop workers, delivery drivers, cleaners, pharmacists, doctors, the post office, the list goes on and on, these people are helping our little island carry on as best we can. I thank you. What would we do without you.

We can only carry on and do our best and it seems we can all adapt in any situation that is thrown at us. I am now carefully considering what I can do next now things have eased a little and how I can safely continue with my work in the coming weeks and months.

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