Choosing the Perfect Photographer

When it comes to choosing your photographer you need to think of a few things first. Google can be great but sometimes it can make you quite narrow minded. It is really tempting to choose the first few that come up.

Instead pick a few who interest you over a few pages, note their names then take a look at their website, Facebook and Instagram pages. Check out their portfolios and work, and read a bit about them, you really need to get a feel for them, who they are, and if you can relate to their photos.

Ask yourself a few questions....

Are the photographs they take something you would want on your walls at home and you can be proud to show off?

The final results will be hanging up for you to look at forever more so you should love what they do before picking the right one.

Do you like their style?

This is HUGELY important, if you hate it there is no point whatsoever booking them to do a shoot for you. It is a bit like asking a plasterer to paint your house and they plaster it instead. You won't get the finished results you were looking for as all photographers have their own styles which they generally stick to.

Do they have experience with horses and know how to interact and handle them?

Some photographers will photograph anything but you are more likely to get a better result with someone who has been around horses and know how to deal with them and specialise in that genre.

Would you pay extra for the right person who may be further afield to come to you, or would

you go for someone closer for ease and convenience even if you didn’t like their work?

Don't compromise when it comes to who you pay your money to. You have to be 100% happy even if it means paying slightly more for what you want. Don't be put off by how far away your favourite photographer is, this is your time to shine with your horse so make it great!

Make sure they are available, book early to avoid being disappointed that you can't get the date that you wanted. We get booked up pretty quickly!

Choose someone you get along with and feel comfortable with, this will come across in the photos.

Know your budget and what you can afford, most photographers now have their prices on their website. If they don't make sure you contact them for prices before booking and getting a surprise the day you need to pay up.....

These are just a few of the things you should be thinking of before deciding who to choose. It would be a crying shame if you chose the wrong one only to be disappointed with the final results, not only wasting your time and money, but maybe having to get someone else to re-do them. This isn't ideal for the photographer either, they want you to love your experience with them and for you to be happy with their work.

Your photoshoot should be a wonderful, creative, exciting experience so it’s vital you pick the right fit with

you! I hope this helps you make the right choice.

Jo xx

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